The Longevity Quest of Roxburghii

Product innovation guaranteed by 8 global awards

Product innovation guaranteed by 8 global awards
Gold Medal 2018 46th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva
Gold Prize 2018 Seoul International Invention Fair
The Best International Invention 2018 Excellent Invention Thailand Award
Bronze Medal For Outstanding Inventions 2019 IENA International Trade Fair Germany 

Japan 2019Special Award World Genius Convention Tokyo
Gold Genius Award World Genius Convention Tokyo, Japan 2019 
The Brandlaureate Best Brand in Wellness Super Antioxidant & Anti-Aging Drink

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Why live a long life? Answer to an age-old question

Why live a long life?
Answer to an age-old question

Extend your happiness Understand the meaning and value of living
No one wants to live a life of affliction or be a burden to their loved ones. A long-lasting life is an opportunity to live your passions, fulfill your dreams, achieve new goals, spend the best moments with those you love, and truly understanding the meaning and value of living
The most valuable moments are worth extending life to experience. Longevity is not merely the number of our years on this earth, but it is the value and experiences that we gain, having a strong body, good health, and the happiness in living a lasting life.

Long Telomere youthful cells and young appearance.

 Long Telomere youthful cells and young appearance.
How long are your Telomeres?
Telomeres shorten with age but poor lifestyle and sickness accelerate the process.
The Length of
Telomeres Your Decision
Longevity is based on behaviour
The Telomere decreases in length according to our lifespan. As we age, the Telomeres become shorter. The first factor affecting the length of Telomeres is genetic, however this accounts for only 25% of the total. Scientists have discovered that another 75% is contingent on our lifestyles. For people who take care of their health, the telomeres are likely to lengthen, and they will have a healthy and long-lasting life. Therefore, age is not the only crucial decider of whether one has a long or short telomere. More importantly, it is our behaviour and lifestyles that determine our health and longevity.
Why do we age differently?
Some people appear to look the same age, but may have very different chronological age. This is because, how the body ages may be determined by our lifestyles which affect the aging of cells and the speed at which cells degenerate. In turn, this affects the length of the telomeres.
Factors causing telomeres to shorten
  • Stress 
  • Insufficient sleep 
  • Eating processed foods 
  • Regularly eating sweet and oily foods 
  • Not exercising enough or exercising too much 
  •  Long working hours 
  • Smoking 
  • Drinking
  • Exposed to highly polluted environment
  • Obesity 
  • Lack of nutrients or vitamins 
  • Not eating all 5 food groups
  • Not having enough antioxidants or over whelming free radicals in the body 
  • Internal inflammation

Choose Your Life

Choose Your Life

Everyone is born with healthy span. But as we age, our bodies enter a disease span, a period which we encounter illness. The shortening of telomeres has an effect on when we enter the disease span*. Those with telomeres that are short for their age are at higher risk to develop disease than those with longer telomeres. Thus, if we can decelerate the shortening of the telomeres, we in essence can extend our health span.


01 Rosa Roxburghii

Precious gift from the nature, the fruit that restores life and longevity

The Great Discovery of The Fruit of Life 

The Roxburghii is a wild rose originating from China, locally called  缫丝花  (sao si hua) and also known as Chestnut Rose or Cili Fruit. It is yellowish-orange in color and is covered by small spikes. The Roxburghii's flavor is sweet and sour and it has a distinct smell. Nutritionally it contains high Vitamin C and flavonoid.

Rosa Roxburghii Tratt was first discovered by Dr William Roxburgh, whom at the time worked at the East India Company. He travelled to Canton, China and chanced on a certain wild rose which he named the Roxburghii at the Calcutta Botanical Gardens, India – the expansive and world renown botanical garden*. In 1820, this wild rose was shipped and grown in England.*

Dr. William Roxburgh (1751-1815)

Dr. William Roxburgh (1751–1815) discovered the Roxburghii, otherwise known as Chestnut Rose, in the early 1800; this ancient plant species was already widely known by the Chinese. Dr. William Roxburgh, who is known as the founding father of Indian Botany, was born in 1751 in Ayrshire, Scotland, the United Kingdom. He studied medicine at the Edinburgh University and was a surgeon with the East India Company of London.
He also studied botany under John Hope, the famous botanist. He was later invited by the government of Bengal to take charge of the Calcutta Botanical Gardens. He published numerous works on Indian botany, for which he has been named the founding father of Indian Botany.

Roxburghii... Super Fruit
Super Nutrient

The Roxburghii is commonly grown in the Guizhou and Hubei provinces of China. It can be collected only once a year from August through October. This super fruit is known as "Elixir of Life" due to its high antioxidant properties and studies showing its efficacy to decelerate aging, enhance immunity, and protect against diseases associated with the coronary artery and nervous system.

02 Hawaiian Noni 

The Miracle Ancient Healing FruitsThe Miracle Ancient Healing Fruits

Hawaiian Noni (Morinda citrifolia) is a native plant grown on the islands of Hawaii. The local Hawaiians have regarded it as a healthy food for restoration and for use against diseases from common flus to aging diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, osteoarthritis, and cancer for over 2000 years. It contains nutrients from volcanos and is grown organically in natural soil enriched from leaves, bark, seaweed, and coral, making the Hawaiian Noni rich with over 200 phytonutrients, minerals, and antioxidants such as polyphenol, flavonoid, Vitamin C, Vitamin B3, iron, manganese and selenium.


Protects cells from free radicals. 


Reduces inflammation in cells.


 Protects DNA from free radicals.


Decelerates the cells aging process
Research shows that it helps extend
the age of mice up to 123%


Balances and strengthens cells.
Efficiently helps to build immunity.


Research shows that juice from the Hawaiian Noni
reduces free radicals Found in heavy smokers
who have amassed toxins and free radicals
from cigarette smoke, the cause of cell inflammation
and the shortening of telomeres.

03 Sea Buckthorn

The Shining Horse-Legend of Sea BuckthornIt has been told in the ancient Greek legend of the Shining Horse, that horses weak from battle were left to die a natural death. Yet to great surprise, it was discovered that those left to retire in the forests of Sea Buckthorns, returned with renewed energy, valor, and vitality; their mane, thick and shining, billowing beautifully in the wind. Hence the Sea Buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides) was used to nurse thin and weak horses back to strength and good health fit for combat. It is from this legend that the Sea Buckthorn was named Hippophae, Hippo meaning horse and Phaos meaning to shine (Rongsen, 1992)

Sea Buckthorn

The Powerful Holy Fruits
The Sea Buckthorn is an orange super berry from the Himalayan mountains. It is a thorny shrub that grows on the seaside all the way to mountainous regions. It's been recognized as the Powerful Holy Fruit enriched with nutrition. It has multiple health benefits, recorded in ancient Chinese texts from over a millennium ago. The Sea Buckthorn organically grows on the mountains of Tibet, are hand harvested and go through cold extraction. It has been found to contain more nutrition than any other plant on earth.
Rich in Phytonutrients
Over 190 Phytonutrients vital to the body may be found in the Sea Buckthorn, such as SOD (Super Oxide Dismutase), carotenoid, flavonoid, polyphenol and a high concentration of Vitamin C.
Comprise of Omega 3, 6, 7, 9
Fosters healthy skin, hair and nails.
Ample amino acids and minerals
Essential to the body such as calcium, iron,
zinc, potassium, and selenium

 Health Benefits
Balances fat levels in the Blood
                Increases immunity                   
Withstands bacteria and viruses
Protects the digestive system
Nourishes skin
Resists free radicals and aging symptoms
Helps to heal wounds
Helps with diet control
04 Pomegranate

A Fountain of youth

Pomegranate (Punica granatum), the emerald fruit The colour of pomegranate becomes more intense illustriously known as the Fountain of Youth, helps with low temperature. Scientific findings from to slow down the aging process and has been used around the world affirm the multiple health benefits as an ingredient to cure illness since times past. of this fruit.

Enriched with antioxidant variants of polyphenol and ellagic acid which are three times more potent than red wine and green tea. Protects against cell inflammation, with research proving that it helps reduce inflammatory stimulants in patients. with diabetes. Contains Urolithin A, a newly discovered antioxidant that slows down cell degradation. 

Urolithin A  
A The secret antioxidant of the Pomegranate 

The pomegranate contains many essential nutrients such as phenolics, flavonoids, ellagitannins and pro-anthocyanidin. The latest research shows that bacteria in the intestine is able to change ellagitannin into the antioxidant Urolithin A, stimulating 'Mitophagy' and eliminates Mitochondria that are ineffective in cells. The collection of defective Mitochondria in cells can lead to health problems linked with age, for instance Parkinson's disease.
An efficiency test of Urolithin A in round worms (C. elegans), a subject commonly selected to test aging antidotes, shows that lifespan of the round worm exposed to Urolithin A increased by 45%. A test conducted in aged mice with muscle failure had a similar conclusion. The mice receiving Urolithin A displayed higher stamina levels than those without rolithin A by up to 42%.

05 Apricot
The Fruit for Eternal Youth
The apricot (Prumas armeniaca) is a fruit that the ancient Egyptians used to drink and a fruit commonly used to reduce inflammation. The apricot is high in beta carotene which gives the fruit its golden or yellowish-orange hue. As mythology incites, the golden fruit bestows divinity and eternal youth. It is rich in antioxidants and contains polyphenol, flavonoid, carotenoid, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and various minerals such as zinc, calcium, and copper which help to reduce inflammation in cells, nourish the skin, hair and enhance eyesight.

06 Apple
The Magical Fruits
The apple has been a popular fruit consumed since ancient time. It is rich in vitamins, minerals, and pectin fiber and is highly concentrated in antioxidants. Regular consumption of apples, can reduce the toxins from building in the blood, reduce fats and cholesterol, and reduce the risk of heart diseases.


Slows Down Aging and Degeneration,
Protects & Repairs Telomeres

Protect Cells

Resist free radicals directly in cells with SORAC 542,880
Resist inflammation of cells


Level of protection against free radicals in cells to restore and nourish at the smallest degree. Reducing free radicals by protecting the cells.
The Level of Protection Against Free Radicals in Cells 542,880*

Superoxide is a free radical that emerges within living cells that use oxygen to combust or create energy. It is the agent for other free radicals and causes a chain reaction of cell destruction. If it becomes overwhelming or cannot be controlled, it may damage the cell walls and elements within the cell, including DNA. This affects the cell, causing it to malfunction, deteriorate or die. In addition, it stimulates degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's', coronary artery and brain diseases, and cancer.

* SORAC 542,880 units per 750 ml.

Higher Efficiency to Resist Free Radicals in Cells
Rosa Roxburghii extract increases the efficiency of genes which build cell protective antioxidants (SOD2) up to 276%

SOD2 Gene Expression It is a gene that expresses enzymes mechanism in eliminating the Superoxide free radical, a wasteful by-product of the energy production process in cells, preventing damage to DNA and other cells.
Protects and Prevents Cell Inflammation

Increases efficiency of protective genes preventing inflammations in cells up to 3 times*

Measures the efficiency levels of genes producing IL-4 (Interleukin-4), a unit to quantify protection against inflammation in cells.

Repair Restores & Extends Cells Youthfulness at DNA Level

Enhances the Ability to Restores Cells and Protects Telomeres.
Additional Substance to Extend Cells Youthfulness.
Enhance the Ability to Restore Cells

Increases the genes that assist energy production in cells by 2.5 times
The energy producing gene (NADSYN) is essential for the cells to repair and function properly. As cells age and wear from living behaviour, the cell's energy is reduced. It is associated with the development of degenerative diseases and aging.
Additional Substance to Extend Cells Youthfulness Protects Telomeres
Rosa Roxburghii Extract enhances the efficiency of genes which produce two types of Telomerase enzymes – these both protect and repair the telomeres.
• TERC enzyme increased by 1.5 times 
• TERT enzyme increased by 2 times

Both types of Telomerase enzyme, the TERC and TERT, work together to repair DNA and produce new cells that protect the Telomeres from shortening at a fast pace. If the enzyme decreases, the Telomere is at risk of shortening ahead of age.

The best super antioxidant drinks

Combination of ingredients with high antioxidants that both cleanse and repair cells

Behind the Age Deceleration Test in Cells using the Cells
of C. Elegans Worms

The gauging of a cells age by doing tests in the cells of C. Elegans worms which has a similar genetic code to humans by a match of 80%. The cells of the C. Elegans worm, have evolved in a very similar way to human cells.

Scientist have used C. Elegans worms as subjects to test cell mechanisms in place of human cells and to assess the efficiency of various substances that have an effect on cells. The studies include diseases such as cancer, deterioration of cells, and aging.
The advantage of testing in the cells of C. Elegans worms is the ability to evaluate the efficiency of mechanisms in a shorter period of time than testing in other animals.

Efficiency to Decelerate Cell Aging

Cells nurtured with super antioxidant drink from Roxburghii and 5 super fruits is able to slow down the aging process up to 1.6 times
Cells nurtured with super antioxidant drink from Roxburghii and 5 super fruits, with the addition of super antioxidant drink from Maqui and 11 super fruits (1:1 ratio) is able to slow down the aging process by up to 3 times.

Super antioxidant drink from Roxburghii and 5 super fruits

SORAC 542,880
Super antioxidant drink from Roxburghii and 5 super fruits
Preserves Age
Prevents Deterioration Protects Telomeres

Superoxide Radical Absorbance Capacity
Unit to measure protection against free radicals in cells
ORAC 249,225
Super antioxidant
drink from Maqui Berry and 11 super fruits
Clears Toxins Cleans Blood For Healthy

ORAC Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity
Unit to measure holistic protection against free radicals

Reach Every Milestone of Life Through Consistent Maintenance

Enjoy life long vitality through good nutrition

You may own many cars But you have only one life
Our bodies are not so different to a vehicle, taking us on the journey of life. Some will drive without maintenance or making periodic health checks along the way. Others neglect to care for the engine and the car's system all together. It's about time to pay attention to and care for every part of our vehicle.

Super Antioxidants
from Roxburghii


Master of Medicinal Fruits

Plus 5 super fruits
Preserves Age Prevents Deterioration
Protects Telomeres
The Roxburghii is the "Master of Medicinal Fruits" and is recognized as a super fruit due to its rich Vitamin C and Vitamin P (bio flavonoid). It also boosts SOD antioxidants in cells, reduces cell inflammation, effectively protects telomeres, repairs DNA, enhances energy in cells, and combines the power of 5 additional super fruits - Hawaiian Noni, Sea Buckthorn, Pomegranate, Apricot and Apple.
Protect : Telomeres
Repair : Mends and
Extends Cell Youthfulness
Cell Longevity
Strong and Youthful
Rehabilitates Health
Super Antioxidant
from Maqui Berry


King of Antioxidants

Plus 11 super fruits
Clears Toxins
 Cleans Blood For Healthy Liver
The Maqui Berry is the "King of Antioxidants". It contains delphinidin, the most potent antioxidants, that helps to resist free radicals and enhances liver function which is the foundation of good health. It also assists in reducing inflammation and slows down the cell deterioration. Plus, it conjoins forces with 11 other super fruits – Artichoke, Goji Berry, Acai Berry, Apple, Raspberry, Strawberry, Choke Berry, Acerola Berry, Red Grape, and Grape Seed extract.
Clean Blood Liver Health
Overall Health 
Maintain Holistic
Reduce Health Risks

 Over 50 varieties of Multi-Vitamins, Minerals and Phyto Molecules
Strong Cells, Healthy Bod
Energize your life with food for cells, innovative Phyto molecules, plus multi-vitamins and minerals of over 50 varieties. Restore strength, reduce stress, and enhance immunity in the cell level.
  1. Vitamins and minerals Amino acids are essentials for building hormones, repair worn out tissues, control the nervous system, strengthen muscles and bones, enhances the metabolic system and facilitates energy production in cells and other organs.
  2. Enzyme SOD Helps to reduce stress level in the body.
  3. Co-enzyme Q10 Helps to build up fundamental energy in essential cells including the heart, brain, liver, kidney and muscles. The cardiovascular system is also essential in protecting cells from chronic diseases caused by aging.
  4. Shiitake  extract Helps to enhance the body's natural immunity, protects and restores the body from infection or irregular cell functions that can cause development of tumors or cancer.
  5. Chlorella Nucleus Concentrated extract from the nucleus of the Chlorella seaweed. It is rich in amino acids, vitamins and minerals that help to bolster the body's natural immunity, plus protects DNA in cells from toxins that can cause development of tumors or cancer.
  6. Chlorophyll Helps to slow down cell deterioration caused by harmful free radicals, radiation and toxins.
Love Yourself, Care for Your Body Everyday
Recommended Dosage



Real life reflections towards Telomeres in the cells
While we live carelessly, our bodies continue to caution us through aging skin, fatigue, aches and pains, infections and illnesses; while also alerting us through our mental state such as feeling irritable, depressed, and distracted which are signs that our cells are wearing out. If we ignore our health, our cells will deteriorate at a faster pace as they are unable to repair themselves quick enough. Next, we have collected some real-life examples showing the results of lifestyle changes and adopting a new perspective on health care may affect the length of telomeres.

Account Executive
Treated for depression at under 30 ...caused by work stress.
Real age  29 years Telomere age before 44 years Telomere age after 38 years
I was stressed out to the point of medication. I routinely got 7 hours of sleep, going to bed at 1 am and waking at 8 am, but my sleep was restless. Living a sedentary lifestyle, my weight increased to 100 kg. I loved to eat grilled food, fried foods, and fast food. My meals were irregular and I never cared to take health checkups. After my Telomere test results came back, I felt distraught because Thad never taken care of myself. I began to seriously think of making a change even though I was as stressed as before, but I had to change the habit for my health's sake. After drinking Roxburghii Plus every morning, I now sleep better and wake up feeling refreshed. I can work all day and my mind remains fresh without any stress.  
Owner of Production House
Who put body and soul into great creativity But overlooked the burden he has created for his wife.
Real age  49 years Telomere age before 64 years Telomere age after 61 years
I've devoted over 30 years of my life into creative advertising, sacrificed sleep or napped at irregular hours. I smoked a pack or two of cigarettes every day, never exercise, ate the same thing over and over but never consume fruits or vegetables. I already had allergies, but these past two years I've developed vertigo; my vision is blurred and I experienced double vision. Still, I haven't been actively care for myself as my yearly checkup hasn't shown anything unusual. Some people have pointed out how quickly I've aged, but I took it as a result of poor grooming. I never thought it had anything to do with my cells aging until I tested my Telomeres and found them to be unusually short. It made me feel terrible, but not as bad as my wife who has been extremely worried for me so I made plans to really take care of myself. After drinking Roxburghii Plus, I sleep much better.
Top Woman Managing Executive
A life of perfection Leading to underlying stress.
Real age  49 years Telomere age before 64 years Telomere age after 61 years
I had the most perfect and flawless life style, status, and family. I took good care of myself in every way and diligently attended a yearly check-up with results never raising any health concerns. However, in my top management position I am constantly required to think and make decisions, this caused me to develop digestion problems and stomach cramp, as well as nausea and vertigo. My life seemed to be perfect but the pressure to achieve every goal caused me a great deal of stress and affected my temperament without me knowing it. After trying the Roxburghii Plus drink, sleeping become better, I felt more refreshed and livelier, and haven't felt ill like previously.
Real life reflections towards Telomeres in the cells
These stories may not be the final answer to life or determine the best way to care for your health. It is however the starting point to thinkabout life in a new perspective because there are many factors that influence health, be it our eating habits, exercise, sleep or our temperament and mental state. Even though it may be difficult to take perfect care of life and every basic health requirement at all time, but it is possible to begin by selecting and filling ourselves with things that are good and have valuable. It is a starting point that affects health in the long term and enables us to live a fulfilling life.
* Volunteers consumed 100 ml. of Super Antioxidant drink from Roxburghii and 5 super fruits daily for 3 months after which they underwent Telomere tests to determine the age of cells. The tests were conducted in a lab through the qPCR method. Personal health information has been used as a part of this study and therefore the names and faces of the volunteers remain confidential.
Remark: This is not a scientific research and may not be used to conclude health results. These interviews are personal opinion and the product does not claim to protect or cure diseases.

10 Reasons to choose Roxburghii Plus

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